Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Benefits of Local SEO on Google

The 4 Biggest Benefits of Local SEO

From increasing your website’s traffic to generating fresh sales leads, optimizing your website for the local search results via local SEO has a huge range of benefits and advantages.

With a growing number of people using their phone to search, being top-ranked locally can position your business as a winner. In this post, we’ll look at the four biggest benefits of hiring a local SEO agency to optimize your business website.

  • Going local means you’ll deal with less competition

It’s extremely difficult – not to mention, extremely expensive – to rank for broad search keywords like “pet shop.” It’s also less than ideal from a sales perspective when your business’s primary audience is local.

Instead of targeting broad, high-traffic keywords, target local keywords like “pet shop in Boise, Idaho” and you’ll deal with SEO competition that’s far less tough for your business to deal with.

  • Going local means you’ll attract a targeted audience

Local SEO might be easier than broad, location independent SEO, but that doesn’t mean it’s less rewarding. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – the traffic you’ll generate by ranking for local keywords is often more targeted and valuable.

This is especially true if your business offers a local service or is a retailer without any online sales operation. Since you’re only attracting local traffic, the percentage of traffic that’s likely to convert into real sales is far higher.

  • Going local means you’ll appear on Google Maps

With a growing number of people searching from their phone instead of their PC, having your business appear on Google Maps and Google Local can result in large amounts of traffic, as well as serious sales volume.

Search is becoming more local, and positioning your website not just at the top of the local search results, but on maps and local guide pages, means you’ll enjoy an increased level of exposure and more business from local online customers.

  • Going local means working with a local SEO agency

Instead of dealing with an SEO agency located halfway across the world – a reality that many companies targeting high-traffic keywords face – going local means you can easily work with a local SEO agency.

This means that instead of dealing with support via email, you have a phone number and physical address you can visit for updates on your SEO campaign, real feedback, marketing insights and help.

Is local SEO the right choice for your business?

From increasing your website’s search traffic figures to generating real sales leads that your business can use to grow and develop, local SEO has a massive range of benefits.

If your business deals with a primarily local audience and offers a valuable service or product that people are searching for, local SEO could be the demand generation strategy you’ve been looking for.


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