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SEO and AdWords Freelance Services

Connecticut SEO Company

Will work as a freelancer or consultant to deliver the best results in Google SEO rankings possible for your business. I provide SEO services including Google AdWords PPC.With over 11 years experience with SEO and Google Adwords for major companies and small business owners I can help any businesses large and small improve their SEO and AdWords revenue.

I consult and construct Local SEO and PPC campaigns as well as track ROI via Google Analytics. I can take over poorly constructed campaigns and generate solid results. 

I do on-site, off-site and local SEO to improve your keyword rankings and deliver more leads.

I charge a very reasonable $80 per hour to drive traffic to your site by focusing on the keywords where you can rank the highest in Google's search engine results pages. I set proper expectations and usually over deliver. 

It may take 1-2 hours a day and two-six weeks before you begin to see an increase in the number and ranking of keywords before Google begins sending you the…
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