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A small business only needs to make a small investment in digital marketing to get prime real estate at the top of Google's first page. It's called local SEO and Google has never provided a better opportunity for a small business showcased on Google's 1st page. 

If you are looking for guidance, help, or someone to handle the role for you. I have 15 years of digital marketing industry experience. I provide Digital Marketing, SEO, Certified AdWords Management, Local SEO, WordPress, and Google My Business optimization skills for $50/Hour. A 10-hour retainer to start then pay as you go. No long-term contracts. I am based in Connecticut with clients across the US.

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Perform SEO audits, implement on-site, off-site, technical, local, and Word…

Local SEO Thrives With Google In 2019

Local SEO's 4 Biggest BenefitsGoogle Local SEO Works For Small Business By increasing your website’s traffic to generate fresh sales leads, optimizing your website for the local search results via local SEO has a huge range of benefits and advantages.

With a growing number of people using their phone to search, being top-ranked locally can position your business as a winner. In this post, we’ll look at the four biggest benefits of hiring a local SEO agency to optimize your business website.

Going local means you’ll deal with less competition
It’s difficult – not to mention expensive – to rank for broad search keywords like “pet shop.” It’s also less than ideal from a sales perspective when your business’s primary audience is local.

Instead of targeting the broad, high-traffic keywords, target local keywords like “pet shop in Boise, Idaho” and you’ll deal with SEO competition that’s far less tough for your business to deal with.

Going local means you’ll attract a targeted audience
Local …

WordPress Used On Most WebSites - Best SEO

Use WordPress To Create and SEO Your Site

I've been using WordPress for over ten years and have created hundreds of WordPress SEO-friendly blogs and gained over 100,000 visits since WordPress was launched around 2005.
WordPress because it is super easy to use if you use it on Wordpress' self-hosted site or on your own domain. WordPress is free to use on your own domain and has thousands of functions capable of creating almost any content imaginable.
WordPress also has thousands of themes both paid and free. According to Wikipedia, WordPress is used to create of 1,000,000 articles every day. WordPress is used by Sony, BBC, CBS, NY Times and thousands of other major companies around the world and about 40% of websites use Wordpress to publish their content.
WordPress can be super-fast. WordPress is also super simple to optimize for search engines with or without the popular plug-ins like SEO by Yoast or the All-In-One SEO pack. 
Using titles, headers, content, keywords and other tri…