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Use WordPress To Create and SEO Your Site - WordPress Used On Most WebSites

Use WordPress To Create and SEO Your Site

  • I've been using WordPress for over ten years and have created hundreds of WordPress SEO-friendly blogs and gained over 100,000 visits since WordPress was launched around 2005.

  • WordPress because it is super easy to use if you use it on Wordpress' self-hosted site or on your own domain. WordPress is free to use on your own domain and has thousands of functions capable of creating almost any content imaginable.

  • WordPress also has thousands of themes both paid and free. According to Wikipedia, WordPress is used to create of 1,000,000 articles every day. WordPress is used by Sony, BBC, CBS, NY Times and thousands of other major companies around the world and about 40% of websites use Wordpress to publish their content.

  • WordPress can be super-fast. WordPress is also super simple to optimize for search engines with or without the popular plug-ins like SEO by Yoast or the All-In-One SEO pack. 

  • Using titles, headers, content, keywords and other tricks of the trade in WordPress makes it easy for Google to understand what you post.


Here are some tips and tricks to make your WordPress site faster

Site Speed Is Vital If You Want High Rankings and User Satisfaction. You can test your site speed for free and also discover where any bottlenecks may be at the sites below.

Install A Caching Plugin
W3 Total Cache, Zen Cache and others will save returning
user download time and increase the speed with which the
site comes up.

Use GZip Compression
By compressing your WordPress site, you will speed up your
database and website. I have used GZip Ninja Speed. BWP
Minify. Others include Autoptimize, etc.  Extremely Helpful.

Image Compression
Use an image compression plug-in to decrease your load time
especially if you have many images or infographics or a
graphically intense site.  A standard SEO practice is to
use the alt image tags and descriptions to tell Google what
your images are about.  Use good image titles.  Even local
specific.  I use a plugin called Compress JPEG & PNG images
and a plugin called SEO Friendly Images which auto-adds alt
and title attributes.  WP Smush is also a great image
plugin.  =

Deactivate Plugins You Rarely Use
By activating plugins only when you need to use them, you are clearing out overhead that may slow down your WordPress site.  If you never use a plugin, uninstall it.

Cleaning Up of Databases
Cleaning out the databases of spam, old drafts, and other
unnecessary items fine-tune your WordPress database and make your site a faster.  WP-Optimize is a great free plugin
for these tasks.

Limit The Number Of Widgets
Be careful how many widgets you put into the sidebars.
They look pretty, but those sidebar tools will make more
database calls and will slow down your website.

Pick A Theme That Doesn’t Bog Down Your Site
Choose or develop an SEO friendly theme.
There are some spectacular, graphics heavy, slide-bar using
themes out there that slow your site’s speed to a
crawl.  Avoid them if possible.  Keep is simple
and speedy. Make sure your theme is responsive and mobile ready.

Meta Title & Description Tags
Optimize how your posts look in the search engine results pages in order to capture user attention, intention and encourage a click through.  Add Meta Tags is one such plugin out of many.

The more people who click on your site link, stay on your
site and look at many pages, the more Google will respect
your site as an authority that engages users and your site will benefit. Rich Snippets
All In One Rich Snippets lets the user control
which rich snippets will be shown under your listing in
Google.  Schema Creator by Raven allows you to create Rich
Snippets as well as a schema for Google.  The benefit is
more real estate is taken up on Google by your website as well as links that users can click on it find what they are
specifically looking for. Blue Nile Research recently came
out with a study that if a website in position one on
Google has no rich snippets, but the website in position 2
does have them, the website in position two may get up to
26% more clicks than the non-rich snippet website in
position one.

Mobile Friendliness
Make your site mobile friendly. Use AMP.

XML Sitemap
Use an XML Sitemap to submit to Google which will help
Google determine when and why to crawl your site. Google
has a free XML plugin that has been downloaded over a
million times. Google XML Plugin.

Permalink Structure
Change your permalink structure to something more SEO-
friendly and keep the permalinks short, 4 words is good.
While you are at it, choose how many posts you want WordPress to show per page.  Only do this on a new install, otherwise,you may mess up your current install.

Other WordPress tips:

Here are some tips on making WordPress even faster:

WordPress makes it easy to use plugins and make sitemaps to make your content easily searchable by Google. WordPress can use Akismet plugin to kill thousands of spam comments on a single blog.

WordFence makes it harder to hack WordPress.

WordPress has plugins like WP-Smushit and others to compress images for a faster site.

Other plug-ins allow you to cache and minify certain elements of WordPress for the fastest user experience possible. Most users expect web pages to display in two-three seconds and will abandon the site after seven seconds of no response.

Before you install any plug-in or make any types of significant changes to WordPress, export your site via XML and create a backup and ensure your host makes routine backups.

Use a great fast hosting service.

Other WordPress SEO tips

  •     Use Breardbcumbs.
  •     Beware of duplicate significant content.
  •     Disable or limit in the sitemap unnecessary archived.
  •     Use on-site SEO to link to related posts.
  •     If you have a popular post, update it, add more content, check for any grammatical or spelling errors, give it a good refresh and Google will enjoy that, so will your users.
  •     Choose canonical URLs including a web-site address WWW vs.non-WWW to avoid duplicate content issues.
  •     Post your best post to social networks but keep your expectations low.


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